Communication 2018

Texting Closeup

It began with little more than grunting. Then stick figures in the dirt. In time the figures became letters, dirt gave way to parchment and the printing press replaced the scribe. Then, in what seems like a single generation, we went from the Pony Express to email, texting and SnapChat. So with all this tech, today we are the greatest communicators ever, right?

Not so fast. All too quickly prose and poetry suffocated under legalese, political speech and bad reality TV. And while technology makes communication quick and plentiful, it also makes it so noisy that our messages are silenced by the din from millions of others screaming for immediate attention.

At Haas Communications, we help people cut through the chatter and be heard. With images, with eloquence, with logic, with the right voice at the right time. We communicate. And we help you communicate better.